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  1. Benjamin Browning

    Never been this early before

  2. The Meme Boy

    Go Braves

  3. RarelyAccurate

    I'd rather see an inside-the-park home run than a bomb.

  4. Benjamin Browning


  5. Jason Lind

    This dude's next contract is going to be so much. I won't be surprised if it's half a billion

  6. Nick S.

    Best Blue Jay moment since Carter's HR.

  7. Sour Patch Kid • 62 years ago

    That was impressive asf 😂

  8. CyrusHub

    I was watching the game, went away to help do something, got back, saw the score change, but I had no Idea this happened

  9. dogvip


  10. Matthew J. Houdersheldt


  11. Mitt Mittens

    Two bum teams 🤣

  12. HIGH B


  13. Max Swindle



    if the Angels didn't have Ohtini the team would go from 6th place in home runs to 27th

  15. evancortez2

    all the while he was thinking, man if I had stayed just one more year I'd have a Championship ring by now

  16. The YoshY

    Gerrit Cole’s game against Houston is something you don’t see AT ALL

  17. Dave Chi

    You never see baseball players getting checked by saying "scoreboard". Big plays are so rare they have to celebrate

  18. Steven Schroeder

    What's with the baserunner taking second base with a 6 run lead and a non-pitcher on the mound?

  19. George Wallace


  20. R-SASHON

    I'm not a Astros fan or a Mariners fan. But the Astros comeback against the Yankees weeks earlier and this Mariners comeback against the Astros to have fans back and erupt puts a smile to my face. Can you imagine these comeback in a empty stadium during covid time in 2020? It would be completely boring.

  21. josh

    This is embarrassing, MLB. Delete this.

  22. Braxton Rowe


  23. George Wallace


  24. Jake from SF

    So, that's why I got a state farm ad before this.

  25. Mitt Mittens

    TOO GOOD !!! The St. Louis Cardinals (the GREATEST team in the league) are like SOULJA BOY … they TURNED THEIR SWAG ON with yet another STATEMENT win! Not one team will defeat them going forward. Ladies and gentlemen, it's no secret that since the All-Star Break, the Redbirds have been the league's MOST DOMINANT … Can't wait in three/four months (depending on when the playoffs start) when my squad hoists that TWELFTH World Series championship. In the top of the third inning, Harrison Joseph Bader got the offense rolling with a FILTHY bomb to right field. That ball went DEEP into Lake Erie! To think Harry isn't in his prime just yet, but he is going to be a World Series champion in the fall … absolute CHILLS !! HALLELUJAH, Paul Sterling DeJong! In the top of the seventh inning, he DEMOLISHES a ball to left field, driving in José Gregorio Rondón Hidalgo! Get the measuring tape out, it plopped RIGHT on the Ohio-Ontario, Canada borderline. You think you can defeat Pauly D? You're DeWRONG ! You think you can outsmart JoRo? You're WRONGdon! In the top of the ninth inning, Dylan James Carlson drew the GOOD OL' bases-loaded walk, bringing in Harrison Joseph Bader for a CRUCIAL insurance run. Dilly C is going to look FINE with that Rookie of the Year award, but even FINER with his first (of many to come) World Series ring! HOLY MOLY, Adam Parrish Wainwright! The 39-year-old from Brunswick, Georgia CONTINUES to prove he is the GREATEST pitcher in baseball history after tonight's UNFORGETTABLE on the mound, can't wait to call him a THREE-time World Series champion in the autumn. Mad props go to Giovanny Gallegos and Alexander Reyes, part of the best bullpen in the league, for the BLISTERING defense. TIME TO FLY !!!!

  26. David Perez

    @jomboy media

  27. Pablo Tavares

    The crowd is unbelievable 🥳

  28. Mark Canha is a Coconut 🥥

    Dang so close

  29. hi i'm emily

    Always satisfying to see someone run the 120-yard dash like that.

  30. tdot6ix

    shohei needs to take ohtani to dinner for helping him get the win

  31. Stephen McAllister

    they will remove that wall next season. lol but that was definitely fun to watch. something that never happens. does this go down has a HR in the books? or a ISTPHR?

  32. Jay Ayers

    Wish he touched home standing up. But still an awesome thing to do!

    1. Gabriel Garcia

      He do not want to get hit in his next at bat I guess lol, he totally could score just walking

  33. cole beck

    So nice seeing a dude ball out and not be a diva. Nice to see a guy just go out and play

  34. Ryan R

    The dramatic helmet fall off because running too hard.

  35. Ricky German

    Maldito perreo 😂😂😂

  36. Hardcastle


  37. MHatz

    she sings as if she's fondling a big woman

  38. Jacob Lostoski

    Greatest to ever play

  39. C C

    Before Toronto became a police state

  40. Ryan R

    Even the throws into the field look little league, bad throw to catcher, all around typical little league play

  41. biersch

    Funny when the trash-talking pitcher is actual trash

  42. DMac740

    Is that Chilli Davis on 1st?

  43. AG Olea

    Shohei looks to be one of the better if not the best fielding pitcher in the league now. It certainly doesn't hurt to have cat quick reflexes like he does;-)

  44. Omar Scruggs

    Bryce is an exciting dude

  45. Ronald

    Just realized he throws right, bats left. Unbelievable

  46. FromTheHip

    Trying to have his Live Series card inside edge its way to out do his silver slugger card. he aint slick.

  47. Riviscira1323

    bruh hes having so much fun !!

  48. H Cab

    Carlos "hold me back" gomez

  49. Steve Switz

    I haven't been interested in baseball for years but Shohei has gotten my interest. This guy seems so humble and has so much respect for the other team's players.

  50. One Hitter Quitter

    Uecker is a national treasure.

  51. Jacob Tune

    man hes so underated honestly

    1. Tyler Brown

      People hate on him but most people recognize his talent.

  52. Carlos Lima

    Im up for any team as long as those cheaters lose.

  53. Jimmy Sanchez

    And there we go again 98 mph fastball on Baez ribs next game guarantee 😂😂😂

  54. teresa tsai

    Great hero’s! Great job done! True characters came out in needs! Bravo! Some just stood there and watching!

  55. MrGmr17

    Triple away from the cycle?

  56. Michael Baucom

    Hardest he's ever ran in his life

  57. Vitality Massage

    He even WATCHED it for a sec 1:11 before running! lol. SO FUN to watch!

    1. Sour Patch Kid • 62 years ago

      He was about to do a bat flip 💀 classic Bryce man

  58. Adrenalin

    1:10 is what you're looking for

  59. Samuel A

    dude getsm2 much hate. def under performing since philly got him but it is what it is

    1. Tyler Brown

      He has so few RBI this year because he’s hit a crazy disproportionate amount of solo HRs

    2. Tyler Brown

      He’s batting 300 and since he joined Philly has a higher OPS+

  60. Hudson Ingram


  61. King Gee

    We need to get that man in a Brewers Uniform lol come on over and deliver that heat along with Hader and the rest of the crew

  62. PickerJimS

    That was sweet!

  63. T3 Productions

    Bro Blanco was always underrated.

  64. Wil Robles

    That right fielder wasn’t very good at backing up.

  65. isaM

    why is his speed 74 on the show when this guy can run

  66. bnegs521

    What a game! Lasted all the way to the start of California vs Boston late that night.

  67. Mlb Mlb

    I think that Garrett should have reacted bigger. I still love it. I don’t know what the heck that bat flip thing was though

  68. UpshotMusicTV

    Soler catching fire! Bout time!

  69. Tom Cartier


  70. PinStripeDynasty

    Bill Dickey is so underrated it should be a crime and the same goes for Red Ruffing

  71. Mitt Mittens

    He will to fly to an early outing on the golf course as his bum team doesn't even make the playoffs.

    1. Arcadeion _

      His 'bum' team is in second place and only 3.5 games back, Mitt, you goose.

  72. The game hammer


  73. Fibbymcgee

    if you lived in Toronto these were amazing times to be alive!