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  1. ᴘʟᴀʏɪsᴛ

    1번남님 문빈이랑 김우석 약간 섞어놓은 듯 닮아보이는 거 나만 그런가

  2. AHNALEE Krozendijk

    Pls Gunmin and Heedo are hilarious

  3. Laili Mfd

    First man like park bogum+nct doyoung

  4. Kat Vargas

    man hans gives me so much baekhyun vibes im gonna cry they even look alike a little bit jhgjdsjfhdsh

  5. 정은애


  6. th h

    난 하관이 예쁘고 남자인데도 피부가 하애서 메리트 먹고 들어갔는데 마스크 때문에ㅜ

  7. Water Toes

    I had only watched their latest videos so far but the couples were so awkward at the beginning! It's awesome to see how close they had gotten by the end of season one!

  8. 안녕하세요

    너무 재미있어욥!!!

  9. Zahraa Muntazir

    I died when he said I guess we’ll have to keep trying 😭

  10. Noona

    Pas bagian AHSIAPPP gw ngakak 😂

  11. 시공의폭풍


  12. Kylie Bui

    wait aw how did they not know tokyo ghoul i really like that guy

  13. 베잎소

    여기에 기믹킹이 나왔네

  14. 허척살

    11:02 사랑하면 닮는다더니 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  15. BeautyBean

    I love an honest man 💕

  16. Ashe Badongen

    Y'all yellow dude is taken and they fine af😭😩

  17. BeautyBean

    Hello there. I would like to let tou know that, most people misunderstood the 6 year old couple. It sweet to see people finally warming up to them. I came for Nar nar couple but stayed for all three couples💕

  18. BeautyBean

    Nar couple kisses are always 🔥🔥 because we are a starved bunch

  19. BeautyBean

    The 2nd couple has really come a long way. Comments from the very 1st videos called the guy cold and that he ddnt love his girlfriend. So cute to see them affectionate like this

  20. lina strawberry

    I-😭 THEY'RE SO CUTE TOGETHER 💗👹 I felt so lonly ;-;

  21. 허척살

    3:00 3:59 한스 상당히 귀엽네

  22. 성이름

    다들 수줍어하는 게 귀엽다 ㅋㅋ

  23. 미안해요

    8:02 돈 줘야지

  24. Ti'Mya Emanuel

    I wanna go on this show just for fun!! ❤️☺️

  25. 신티아Cynthia

    Brown? I thought it was orange. ;P

  26. Numa Limbu


  27. homesick

    왜 남자들 취조당하냐ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ질문부터 일단 여자한테 똑같이 해봐

  28. MiMi Vuong

    What was the song that the boy and the pink hoodie girl was sing?

  29. Sunflower Garden

    Eating animals IS CRUEL, especially if they are alive. What a shame, you lost a subscriber.

  30. 한지민

    가토현우님 웃을때 귀여우시단 틱톡 영상에선 내스타일 아니였는데 이 영상 보니까 반했음

  31. 이지우

    셉냐씨 이빨이 갱장히 노란색이시네여

  32. Adella Hafizah

    Season 2

  33. Janica Gismen

    Why there's no english cap?😤🙄

  34. Mark Lee

    2번녀 짘짜 이은상같다....

  35. shadow Girl

    now I'm more scared of makeup cuz it changes your face so much no wonder why I don't like makeup

  36. Dafne López

    The Best couple 🌻 international fans suport

  37. Marisa Nelson

    I loved the editing effects in this video-like the little intro pictures. They were perfect and adorable

  38. Houa Choua Her


  39. 김동민

    아 한스 너무웃기네 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 4:27 ㅋㅋㅋ

  40. Jastine Tanwa

    English subtitles plz🙏

  41. Linh Nhi Nguyễn

    2번남 잘생기고 부르는 얼굴이 귀여워


    The guy literally looks like imugi from tale of the nine tailed

  43. red v.

    hans and ryeong are the funniest 😂

  44. 이두박근

    너는 카네키가 아니잖아

  45. 둘리

    1번 남자 이재오 닮음

  46. yorii


  47. 미나모토코우에 1호팬!

    여름:존귀 령령:존예 나르시:ㅈㄴ섹시

  48. 개미


  49. 김예찐

    3번분 진쨔 조녜다,,,, 다른분들도 예쁘신데 내취향은 3번분,,,

  50. 공서정

    저는 얼굴부터 봐요 너무 2번 남자 잘생기셨어요

  51. 구독하면로또1등당첨

    무심코 지나가는길에 제 댓글을 보셨다면 당신은 천운이 함께 할 것입니다. 좋아요 누르시고 2021년 인생역전 대박 터지세요 아자아자 화이팅^^

  52. Pablo Alvarez

    Amo esas parejas!! Son realmente divertidas y espero la 2 temporada

  53. Jovie De guzman

    Bruh i feel like the 4th one would be closer to B.I from ikon

  54. Pak Iti

    please show these 3 couples again 😭🙏

  55. Maebel Correces Medina

    The girl wearing purple kinda looks like Jisoo.

  56. 시은

    11:07 1번남 손가락으로 2번 피면서 2번녀 손가락 보는거 쩐당,,

  57. Vale Ojeda

    Como voy a hacer para aguantar hasta el 20 de mayo?? 😭😭

  58. 리프

    여름이는 입술이 왼쪽으로 치우친건가

  59. Mitha S

    Can u imagine if the guys have their own group chat and the girls too 🤣 surely there's a lot of tips n trick on dating there, and also group discussion about some girls' "code" 😂

  60. Aylis

    Would you please allow subtitles to be added? I want to add Turkish subtitles.

  61. Silvia Cervantes Benites

    *Título del video en español* comentarios : *ingles, coreano, etc.* :,v xdxdxd

  62. 태웅[뚝]

    3번녀 썸마이웨이에 그뭐지 이쁜척하는게 아니라 이쁘게 태어 난곤데 하는사람이랑 비슷함

  63. julie

    i will take the 2nd guy

  64. LeydiYang

    Me encantó ❤️ Espero impaciente la siguiente temporada 🤩

  65. 램파드

    핑크색분 아이유 닮으심

  66. hy per

    4.naturally handsome 3.super charming i mean once you look at him you can only see him lol

  67. 삐요

    오보이 너무 귀여워 쪼꼬매.. 일곱 난쟁이 같다구....오보이 지구 뿌셔.....

  68. ssyayayy 。

    Oh my God, the guy in all black have like reaaaally deep voice, but very cute personality,, also sweet smile 😭🥺

  69. KPOP Eunoia

    Omg, I love this season soooo much!!!

  70. maha !

    nar and narci r iconic for playing that song

  71. Qiqi

    Everyday i always open this video, just to see are they already give us the eng sub.

    1. Qiqi

      @shane usually, the give us the eng sub after the video is posted for about 4 days.

    2. shane

      sameee !!!!

  72. So So

    남색깔 맨투맨 입으신 여자분 너무 조타ㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ

  73. Royen Gurung

    This was a really entertaining one ❤️

  74. 야생고양이

    지랄도 풍년이네.....;;

  75. Raifa Musa

    Engsub pls

  76. chille

    i don't know how i got here T -T

  77. Cello

    Malah desah ajirr🤣

  78. 물빛물

    근데 솔직히 석준이는 나르시 커플이 옷이 더 잘 어울리는데 여름이는 한령 옷이 더 잘 어울려요 (개인 생각입니다)

  79. 『워니』

    잼스터 편집자님 최종 워스트 브라운녀 에요 옐로우녀 아니고